Keynote speakers announced – 12th International Normal Labour and Birth Research Conference

12th International Normal Labour and Birth Research Conference
Grange Hotel, Grange Over Sands, Cumbria, UK
October 2nd to 4th,  2017

Keynote speakers announced:

Dr Evita Fernandez, India: Normalising and humanising birth in India.

Baroness Julia Cumberledge, UK: The power of politics: Barriers and facilitators to getting evidence into practice for maternity services at a national strategic level.

Dr Olufemi Taiwo Oladapo, WHO: Intrapartum maternity care initiatives at WHO: primary research and guidelines development.

Dr Missy Cheyney, USA: Using Big Data to understand normal labour and birth.

Dr Saraswathi Vedum, Canada: The potential of geographical mapping for maternity services research.

Dr Lisa Kane-Low, USA: Pelvic floor issues during and following childbirth: which outcomes are really associated with normal birth?


Conference Aims

The conference will provide the opportunity to develop and disseminate evidence in the area of normal labour and birth, to enhance clinical practice, education, management, supervision, service delivery, and policy, and to further research collaboration.


  • To disseminate ongoing and complete research
  • To provide the opportunity for collaboration and debate
  • To discuss an agenda for the future in the area of normal labour and birth


This conference will be of interest to:

  • academics and researchers working in the area of maternity services, birth and women’s health
  • those providing maternity care  (professional, lay, state-funded,  independent, midwifery, medical, nursing, and other groups)
  • policy makers with an interest in maternity services
  • clinical leaders, managers, and heads of service
  • service users
  • lecturers at all levels in maternity care
  • managers of maternity care  education



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